Authentic & diverse inspiration

The world is round, but everything doesn't turn out round.

As a schoolboy, I had an artistic education and had chosen to become an architect. 

At that time, my parents had an independent profession and had several food stores, where I went to work afterwards. 

The rest of my life I have had a great commercial career with many successful results and fame in the commercial world. 

I was able to end my career as a manager at one of the largest commercial chains in Europe. 

But my feeling for "the artistic" has never gone away, and now that I've retired, I finally have time to take this on board again. 

I get my inspiration from the common events of life and try to represent this with colours & figures. 

These mosaics point to the fact that the world is round, but everything is not turning around the way it should be, or the way we would like it to be. 

Of course, I am a great lover of art in general, as well as opera and classical music are part of my daily activities. 

It was a real pleasure to get to know you, and I'm curious to see if you can recognize and find yourself in my works. 

Kind regards, 

Marphi Croymans Plaghki