Art can be anything,
A way to express yourself,
however you do it,
There is a message there,
colours and shapes that let the imagination run wild,
until something is created.

Next upcoming exhibition 

@ Rainbowhouse Brussels

From mid-November until end December 2023 

The perfect occasion to find yours Christmas present !

Rue du Marché au Charbon / Kolenmarkt 42 - 1000 Brussel 

 Upcoming Exhibition

@ Mike CLAEYS Art Gallery 

Vrijdagmarkt 28, 9000 Gent

Mid-November until first week of December


exhibition in my neighbourhood 

New collection Album of my Artworks

25 euros Franco delivery

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Print on plexiglass – VALENTINE 


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 Exhibition @ PARIS  

Agent & Gallerist Valentine Druart  

Avenue de Suffren 112 -
 75015 - Paris